Thomas Harpole

The Tent

What do you think of when you see the word grace?

The roots are in the Hebrew verb חנן (“hanan”), which is paralleled with such ideas as “healing, help, being lifted up, finding refuge, strength, and salvation. To literally rescue.”

Graciousness also has a second rough translation of “to pitch a camp.”

Combining the two definitions, we could say a person who lives with grace shelters others from the outside chaos and provides temporary peace, protection, and strength.

They provide a proverbial ‘camp’ for another person to lay their head, rest their mind, and escape suffering.

Now that is cool. I hope to embody this as a way of life. Too often I've tried to act this way to win someone’s attraction, their attention, their affection, or their dependence.

Art, humor, movement, story, song, and dance are the mediums. But it has to come from you.

Give it a shot. Make something and share it. You might just pitch a tent for someone who is weathering a storm and not even know it.