Thomas Harpole

My Music:

When I was two years old, my uncle sat me down to listen to ‘Rhythm of the Saints’ by Paul Simon on cassette and my love for music and songwriting was born.

When I was five, I fell asleep listening to jazz on an old FM radio. I still remember the late Friday nights where I couldn't sleep because the latin music was too fun.

When I was in high school, I started writing the most god-awful acoustic songs a human being could come up with. My first song was called "The Dive."

Things got better. Things got less nasal-y. And eventually, I wrote two albums, built up a small following, and am closing in on one million streams!

I am inspired by all songwriters that have ever picked up an acoustic guitar and told a story with it. I also love the mix of world music, eccentric rhythms, brass, latin, jazz (the very little I understand), and rock.

Thanks to the internet, my albums were made with the help of over 20 musicians from different places around the world.

Thank you for the support :)

Please follow wherever you listen to music!