Thomas Harpole

Get to Six Months

As of Feb 2024, I'm...

10 months in.

3 countries.

43 weeks.

108 sessions.

162 hours.

9720 minutes on the mat training Brazillian Jiu Jitsu.

When you start anything hard, don’t even begin to evaluate it for the first 6 months. Just go through it. Get to 6 months. You haven’t experienced the highs yet, the flow, the little successes. Get a taste of the good and bad before you decide to stick with or quit something. You need more data.

The first practice, I was so sore that I couldn’t do much the next day.

Same with the second.

And the third. I think I cried also.

Zoom out a little bit though, and the body begins to adapt.

The human bonds and friendships begin to form, even while struggling to learn and feeling inferior at times.

And all of a sudden, you realize how fun it is. Even as a pure white belt who needs a good humbling now and then.

The never-ending game of physical and mental chess. It's a blue ocean of things to learn.

It requires your full presence, your all-in focus of the body and mind. Your creativity is welcome.

I’ve always enjoyed art. I didn't realize how much 'art' is in martial arts until you are on the mat with an opponent and have to create opportunities under pressure. This one is truly special art, and I understand why people are obsessed with it.