Thomas Harpole

Explain the Benefits of Seller Financing

Be able to explain the Benefits of Seller Financing to the Seller:

a. Defer capital gains taxes (if investment or primary residence with a ton of appreciation). Tax free principal if primary residence.

b. Can get a way higher sales price – extra equity means extra income over time

c. Keep your equity working for you, it earns a yield. Often at interest rates higher than a bank CD.

d. Collect cash down payment now, but only what you need.

e. Collect hassle-free monthly income stream for years, better than the stock market as far as dividends.

f. Your note is secured by a property you understand and whose value you know.

g. Sometimes you get more each month than you could collect in rent.

h. Never worry about dealing with tenants or maintaining the property or lawsuits.

i. No more property taxes or insurance or liens.

j. If the buyer stops paying, you keep everything and get the property back.

k. If you or your heirs ever need money, you can sell all or part of the note for cash.