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About Thomas…

Whether playing for an intimate crowd of 30 inside a packed coffee shop, or singing solo to 300 at his university, Thomas believes in the power of honest music that moves people.

His debut album, Truth in the Mud, is a collection of five songs that all speak to the power of companionship through some form. The songs speak to the small moments of clarity we all have, the small moments in laughter with other people that bring us truth… even when the rest of our lives may be entirely unclear.

Thomas also believes in the power of music in service to others, whether teaching music to disadvantaged children or singing to the elderly on Christmas Day, and supports non-profits that do the same. He is always interested in collaborating on future projects for good and would love to hear your ideas.

He is often blogging here.

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Thomas will continue to record and write a full-length album. If you are interested in helping fund his project, you can contribute here. All funders will receive a signed copy in the mail. Any surplus funds will reinvested into future music production or given away to a music non-profit. Thank you.

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